Homework 7 (06/27/2013)

Homework June 27th, 2013

  • Bring in something of low value (or that you don’t mind if it stays broken) that is broken.
  • Make a technical drawing of something you “need” for possible modeling.
  • Review at least two games of students from the other engineering class.  Make a comment for each game concerning what works, what needs improvement, questions and ideas you have. The games are at http://pcabuildingcommunitystudents.wordpress.com/
  • Make a list of “tools” that you have at home.

Dodge Dart Prototyping

Any mention of a commercial product or products within this Web site is for informational purposes only. It does not imply any recommendation or endorsement by Engineering for Community.

Homework 6 (06/25/2013)

Homework June 25th, 2013

  • Do the last round of user testing with someone who is not in Engineering for Community.
  • Read/ Skim Chapter 18, Engineering Fundamentals.
  • Fix notebooks. If there were mistakes in your notebook, please correct them so you can get back points.
  • Study for the quiz on Chapter 16 which is this THURSDAY!

NOTE: Your company’s website will be checked and graded tonight. Make sure your website has all the criteria based on the Website Rubric Week 1.

Homework 5 (06/24/2013)

Homework June 24th, 2013

  • Work on your Technical Drawings which is due by the end of this week (Thursday, June 27th). Aim to have a draft of the technical drawing before thursday so you can have it evaluated by Danny, Darren or Triggs. Here is the Technical Drawing Rubric in which your technical drawing will be graded on.
  • Update your “About me” on your company website. Be sure to include your college path, and do the changes that are addressed in the e-mail sent to your company e-mail.
  •  Share whatever it is you have for your game with another person and get feedback even if you just have a sprite, i.e what worked, what could be improved, questions, ideas.  
  • Notebook Check 1 will be happening this week. Please view the Notebook Week 1 Rubric to know what is expected of your notebook.
  • Website Check 1 will be happening tomorrow. Your company’s website must satisfy the requirements of the Website Rubric Week 1.
  • Snap! Cloud will be checked tomorrow. You should have Drawing Shapes, Simplifying Code, and Security Bot.
  • Study Conversions since there is a quiz on Thursday.  Come to office hours to practice and/or get your questions answered.

Homework 4 (06/20/2013)

Homework June 20th, 2013

  • Interview someone about what they are interested in (e.g. hobbies) and what they consider to be fun about playing games.
  • Read/skim Chapter 4 of Super Scratch Programming Adventure. Keep track of ideas useful for creating your own game.
  • Go on Scratch website and take a look at some of the projects to get ideas for your own game project.
  • If you haven’t finished the simplifying code exercise for Snap! in class, finish it and upload onto cloud.
  • Read over the Technical Drawing Rubric to understand the criteria in which you will be graded upon.
  • If you have not done so already, finish your individual “About me” on your company website, as well as your imaginary academic engineering path.

PCA Announcements on June 20th, 2013

Daily Bulletin June 20th, 2013

OFFICIAL PCA 2013 FACEBOOK PAGE: PCA 2013 is on Facebook…. Join the Group today. Search “EAOP PCA 2013” to find and join the group.

HASHTAG PCA: This years PCA iMovie team is looking for your help! We would like to ask the PCA community to hash tag any pictures taken on Instagram or Twitter with #eaoppca2013. This allows the iMovie team to get different perspectives from the community. Please make sure to tag only student related activities. Feel free to contact Yaneli Osorio for any questions.

DIFFERENT ROOM LOCATIONS FOR NEXT WEEK: Please double check your handbook for the location of your classes next week. PCA room locations change from week to week… so always check your handbook before coming to class on Monday mornings and afternoons.

College Scholarship/Services Scams: Several students have indicated that they received opportunities to join scholarship programs for a fee. Generally, if something is charging you for being a part of it, it is not legitimate. If you have questions about such services, go to a faculty or staff member for advice.

AP/HONORS SEMINAR THIS FRIDAY: This is a reminder that this Friday from 9:00 to Noon, we will host the first AP/Honors Seminar at the Cesar Chavez Student Learning Center. If you have AP or Honors homework this summer, come to the seminar to have other students to hang out with while you do your work, and to get support from faculty.

TUTORING/OFFICE HOURS: Morning office hours start on Thursday morning and continue each week after that on Mondays and Thursdays. Morning office hours take place from 8:30 – 9:45 am in Chavez.

Lunch office hours take place daily in a location of your teaching team’s choice. They will let you know where to go at lunch to meet with them and receive additional tutoring. Office hours are an important part of PCA the way they are an important part of college. Please take advantage of this extra time with your teaching team and classmates.