Homework 13 (7/16/2013)

Group: Whoever takes the prototype home should do user testing. Record (video, audio, written reflection) your experience. Everyone in the group records ways that the prototype works well, needs improvement, and any questions you have.

Decide what Individual Challenge you will take on and draft a paragraph proposal of what you want to do in your notebook.

From the Damocles picture “quiz”, make a model, also known as a free body diagram (imagine just the front view of a technical model) in your notebook.


2 thoughts on “Homework 13 (7/16/2013)

    • The downward force of the weight: Weight is the force due to gravity. Since the gravitational force (weight) is between the rock and the earth, the force the rock experiences is towards the earth. The short answer is 1 ton (convert to Newtons, perhaps?)

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